Kerazyme® Protect

One of my favourite hair care actives for reducing colour fading is Kerazyme® Protect (INCI: Hydrolyzed keratin and Bambusa Arundinacea Leaf Extract and Trametes Versicolor extract) which works to reduce colour fade after dying, improve hair manageability, help our curls or straightened strands keep their shape, and provides thermal protection. The suggested usage is 1% to 10% in the cool down phase (45˚C or 113˚F or lower). 

Hydrolyzed keratin helps hydrate hair and keep it elastic, while the Trametes Versicolor extract strengthens hair and might protect colour. Bamboo extract contains silica, which can help improve the structure of hair by reinforcing the cuticle. It helps the cuticle seal well, protecting the colour and preventing water from entering, which can cause the hair strand to swell and produce frizzies. It can keep your hair in your desired shape, and protects weak spots to prevent breakage. 

It’s GMO free, 100% biodegradable, and derived from animal and botanical sources.