LuxGlide/LexFeel N350

LuxGlide/LexFeel N350*: For hair care, it can moisturize and reduce frizz in rinse off and leave in conditioners as well as hair oils or sera. Because it’s thicker, like dimethicone 350 cs, it’s a good spreading ingredient with a little less slip and glide and play time with a bit of drag. The cushion is better as it stays on the skin and hair a little longer and feels more emollient, and the lubricity is nice.

I’ve found LuxGlide/LexFeel N350 is a great dimethicone substitute in a conditioner, but I don’t recommend it in something like an anti-frizz spray as it can get greasier and weigh hair down at higher percentages. 

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As a note, I call this LuxGlide/LexFeel because some companies call it LuxGlide, others call it LexFeel, but it’s the same ingredient.