Welcome to June 2022!

Wow, it’s almost summer! Where did the year go? I know where some of it went – riding bikes! Have I mentioned my newfound love and obsession with my e-bike? I know it must seem so boring, but it’s something I can do when my arms and hands are in spasm and I can’t get into the workshop or write, plus it’s like being a kid again, all excited about seeing “what’s down that way?” or “what’s over that hill?” while exploring my community. We here in the Fraser Valley, B.C., live in such a beautiful (and flat) part of the world, and I’m finally taking advantage of that! So you know what my plans are for the month, eh? BIKES!

I’m still struggling with some health challenges – namely the spasms I’m having in my arms and hands, which you can read about more in this post – but things are getting better. Yay!

I’m still working on two series – one on triglycerides, the other on lamellar gel networks – but I’ve given up predicting when you’ll see it as it’s a massive undertaking that’s required me to commission diagrams and add section after section, making both of them much longer than expected as I add formulas and ingredient profiles and other sections to tie them all together. I liken both to writing the combining emollients series and the increasing mildness with surfactant series – they’ll be big, but so worth it!

I have some exciting cooling and apres sun sprays to share this month – just need to finish up some photos – as well as a lotion for your décolletage and other areas that might be a little too sun exposed. I’m hoping to share some thoughts on sunscreens we’re enjoying in the Barclay Nichols’s household too.

I was thinking of starting a Newbie Tuesday series in August tor September which we’ll learn more about combining emollients by learning how to make anhydrous products like a facial serum, body oil, lotion bar, lip balm, and more with an eye to learning how to combine our oils, butters, waxes, esters, silicones, and so on to achieve different viscosities. skin feel, sensory characteristics, melting points, and so on.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment and let me know! We’ll want to order the ingredients soon to allow for shortages and shipping times and such.

We’ve been playing with different oils, butters, thickeners, and such in the Newbie Tuesday series as it pertains to lotions, but I thought working with different emollients when it comes to anhydrous products could be fun!

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